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washi karakuri book washi karakuri book
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Description : Washi karakuri book, Hiding Figures from Kamikarakuri, paper trick art

color : white, yellow, navy blue

all hand-made
Washi karakuri book
Dimension : H1" x W4" xD4"
PRICE : $8
white   yellow
4-6 week
lead time
4-6 week
lead time
navy blue    
4-6 week
lead time
paper trick art Washi karakuri book Sample movie(568K)
Hiding Figures ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1. Open it. 2. There is a gift box. 3. Close it.
open it there is a gift box close it
4. Please turn it once. 5. Open it. 6. The gift box disappears
please turn it once open it the gift box disappears
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